Our Trip To Charleston


A few weeks ago I told y’all we were taking a weekend trip to Charleston with another couple. None of us had been before so we were excited to explore the town.

We rented a little house in Mount Pleasant through AirBnB and it was such a cute little place and in the perfect location. We were right by the beach so the town had a beachy feel to it and only about a 10 minute drive over a bridge to Downtown Charleston.

We got in around 6pm on Friday night and went straight to eat. We don’t mess around. We went to a little strip of restaurants on the Shem Creek and ate at Red’s Ice House. It was a cool little place with a bar outside and then a bar upstairs.

After dinner we went back to our rental house and played some games and went to bed so we could explore the next day.

In the morning, Mark and I were up earlier than our friends so we walked through the little neighborhood we were staying in. The houses were so cute and had a southern feel to them. I just loved them!

Once we were all awake and ready, we went into Downtown Charleston and I marched us straight into the visitors center. I do this pretty much everywhere I go because the employees typically know all the best places to eat at and see and you can get a map. I love maps. They all made fun of me because you can “just pull up a map on your phone,” but to me it isn’t the same as holding one in your hands.

We grabbed a quick breakfast at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (which is quite the suggestive name if you ask me). They had a bunch of yummy biscuits to choose from so we got an assortment (jam, cinnamon/sugar, pimento cheese, bacon). It was a super itty bitty little place to order food and no seating inside so we ate outside on the curb. Now that’s what I call “curbside to go” – hah!

After breakfast we were on the hunt for coffee. I believe we ended up at Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer if my memory serves me correctly (not that I indulged in the beer portion). We sipped our drinks out on the back patio for a bit and chatted, making a game plan for the day ahead of us.

We decided to roam around Charleston and just take in the sites. Charleston reminded me a lot of Savannah, but a little cleaner. We popped into a couple of shops and walked through the Farmer’s Market they had going on, but we mainly just walked around. We later discovered via the Health app on our phones that we walked about 22,000 steps that day. Crazy.












IMG_0358                 IMG_0415

We popped into Sticky Fingers for lunch and ate some BBQ and then went back to our house to get ready to go kayaking/paddle boarding on the Shem Creek.

The girls decided to take kayaks out on the creek and the boys chose paddle boarding (who is the smarter sex here?). As we paddled boarded out toward the ocean before going down a little side river we saw a few dolphins. I was so excited! I have never seen a dolphin that up close and personal in their natural habitat. It was amazing.

We kayaked for about 1.5 hours before we realized we had left behind one of our floating devices on a dock a while back (and by “we” I mean one of the boys). My friend and I decided we would pull up shop and watch for dolphins while the boys went back to get the float. In about a 20-30 minute time span we must have seen at least 20 dolphins. I think I screamed in excitement every time I saw one. It was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.

After we went home and showered, we got ready to go to dinner at Cru. I had read that it was really neat to go to Battery Street at sunset and walk along the street and see all the houses/ocean, so we did that before our dinner reservation. It was perfect timing because the sun was setting and made the prettiest sunset. The houses were also really big and had that southern charm (they are also probably haunted with about 100 ghosts each).

IMG_0420Battery Street sunset




Dinner at Cru was really good (and expensive). Afterward, we popped over to Kaminsky’s for dessert and Mark and I split a brownie sundae that was to die for. We didn’t even fight over sharing which is huge for us, we don’t share dessert very well.

The next morning we wanted to hit the road for home pretty early so we ate at Page’s Okra Grill in Mount Pleasant. It does have breakfast food even though the name doesn’t sound like it would. They seriously had the best pimento cheese grits I have ever had. (Side note: just about everything in Charleston comes with pimento cheese. We weren’t complaining).

Charleston was a really neat little town and it was the perfect getaway for us. Another city to check off our list :)