Downstairs Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

I will randomly get the urge to do a project, and when I get that urge, I have to act on it or else it may never get done.

The other week I wanted to paint our downstairs bathroom, so that weekend Mark and I decided to knock it out.

I wanted to paint the bathroom a calm, “Pottery Barn green/blue”. I had gotten some of the paper swatches earlier in the week and taped the options on the wall and looked at them throughout the day to see them all in different lighting. I decided to go with Behr “Garden Vista”. The perfect Pottery Barn green/blue.

After church we stopped into our home away from home…Home Depot. We picked up the supplies we needed to paint the bathroom which was really just the paint and a plastic liner for our paint tray because I’m lazy and don’t like washing out the paint tray in our backyard every time we paint.

We went home and pried the slab of mirror off the wall. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to replace the mirror altogether or put it back up when we were done painting. I ultimately decided on putting the mirror back on the wall and framing it myself so it didn’t look quite so boring (more on that project later).

We taped off, cut in, and rolled and rolled. It only took us a couple of hours and we finished painting in one day. This is the fastest project we have ever under taken.

So without further adieu, here are the before and after pictures…

beforeIMG_0062   IMG_0064Garden Vista is the color in the middle.



FullSizeRenderI never knew this is what held up those mirrors…I just pulled off the black glue and painted right over the dry wall. I covered it up with a mirror so that’s okay, right?






I am so thrilled with how the bathroom turned out. I still have a couple little things to do in there, like maybe replace the curtain with blinds and put some art or something on the blank walls, but over all, this is exactly what I had in mind for our bathroom.

I will do a future post on how I framed the mirror, it was really inexpensive and pretty quick to do and makes a world of difference in the look and feel of the room.