One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s our one year anniversary today!!!

Some days it feels like I’ve been married forever (and not because Mark makes me want to rip my hair out, although, I definitely have those days too)   and some days it feels like yesterday.

It’s incredible what Mark and I have experienced in just one year of marriage and after all of it, I know without a doubt I’m with the person God intended me to spend all my days with. I didn’t think it was possible to love Mark more than I did on our wedding day, but each day I fall in love with him over and over again. Cheesy? Yes. But true.

We celebrated two of our friend’s wedding last night and are on our way to Savannah for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. We have the top of our cake and are ready to dig in – I’ve heard this can go very wrong but I’ve also heard some are pleasantly surprised how good it still tastes. I’m hoping for the latter, especially since I didn’t get to eat any of it a year ago.

On our wedding day I knew I would be too nervous to write and say my own vows so we opted to do the traditional vows. We had agreed to write our personal vows on the plane ride to Jamaica for our honeymoon and read them on the beach, but that never happened. I guess it’s easy to get caught up in honeymoon fever. So we have written our vows and will read them to each other while in Savannah celebrating our one year anniversary.

There have been some very high highs and extremely low lows this first year of marriage, but I have a great person by my side to kick life’s butt with and can’t wait for the journey to come!



Our Wedding Video

Mark and I got back our wedding video at the end of last week and I can’t stop watching it!

That entire day is a huge blur to me so it was nice to see some of the things that went on and actually feel like I was there. I’ve watched this video at least 10 times and I tear up every single time. I can’t wait to get the full video (which is supposed to be like 1-2 hours of footage) and sit down with a bowl of popcorn and Mark and watch it.

Our videographer was Jeffery Stoner and he did such an amazing job I had to share it with y’all!


My Sister’s Wedding

Good morning, everyone!!

My sister just got the pictures back from her wedding and since I’ve talked about her wedding on BTB before and you “met” her when she took over while I was gone on my honeymoon, I figured y’all probably want to see how her wedding day unfolded!

Let me first say that if I mention the groom I will refer to him as Mr. A as my sister did because he is a teacher and his students seem to find him online somehow (little detectives they are!).

Taylor’s ceremony took place outside by a river under a gazebo and her reception was in a ballroom on the same grounds. It was sooo beautiful! The weather turned out great – very sunny and a slight chill (you never know what the weather has in store in Florida). She had a literary theme with quotes from love stories framed on the tables and old, vintage books stacked here and there. She even bound some pages together by hand for her guestbook and burned the edges to make it look worn – she is too crafty!

So now that you have “a feel” for her wedding, let’s see some pics!








Is she not the prettiest bride ever? And she was also the chillest bride ever. We spent the entire morning just lounging and eating in her room while we got our hair and makeup done. She didn’t have a nervous bone in her body, wish I could say the same for myself on my wedding day.



A little back story on Taylor’s dress. We took her dress shopping for the first time on one of her visits up to us in GA. We took her to the place where I got my dress and we all picked some out for her to try on. The first one she tried on was the dress she got married in. How cool is that? I went to 10 different places and tried on 10 different dresses at each place before I found mine!


Because her ceremony was outside and she would be walking in grass, Tay wore some blush Tom’s flats under her dress. Super smart!

Taylor&CooperBridalPortraits_KiKiCreates-9  Taylor&CooperFamilyPortraits_KiKiCreates-2


Taylor let each of her bridesmaids pick their own dress! The only rule was it had to be a shade of champagne so we created an ombre effect – the furthest from her in the lineup was in the darkest champage/gold and the closest to her in the lightest shade. It was so pretty!


Because did you really get married if you didn’t recreate the pic from “Bridesmaids” first?


We also had to recreate some of the poses we did together at my wedding! I’m going to get a side-by-side frame and put these pics in there for our house. Love!


Taylor did a “first look” with my dad and I can’t get over the face he is making in this picture. So funny! I think we all made the “ohhhh, ahhhhh” face when we saw the bride that day.


Taylor&CooperDetails_KiKiCreates-61   Taylor&CooperDetails_KiKiCreates-54


    Taylor and Mr. A wrote their own vows and they were so sweet!!


Mark and Mr. A get along so well which makes me really happy. I couldn’t imagine my husband not getting along with Taylor’s. They are so funny together.


I loved the beige/tan tuxes the groom and groomsmen wore!!



Seriously…how cute?!


The reception was a ton of fun! Everyone danced and danced and danced!


First dance to Adele “Make You Feel My Love”. Gives me chills every time!




And they lived happily ever after.

The End.