Five On Friday

ONE.Mark and I have been trying to eat a little healthier lately. This was Mark’s idea, not mine. We eat pretty well but we are both big into desserts and have a hard time turning them down. I was craving some chocolate chips the other day, but didn’t want 24 super sugary cookies laying around in our house so I looked up recipes for “healthy” chocolate chip cookies (I don’t think a chocolate chip cookie will ever be 100% healthy).

I found this recipe on Pinterest and the cookies actually tasted really good. Not the same as a normal choc chip cookie, but pretty darn close. And the best part was I didn’t feel guilty for eating heaps of the dough because there is no raw egg.


TWO.The weather in GA has been crazy cold lately. I got in my car the other morning and it was 18°. One of the pens we have in our car is one of those fake needle pens and the liquid was frozen solid. I couldn’t click the pen shut!


THREE.We have another four year old shepherd on our hands! Little Sophie’s birthday was January 15th :) She isn’t as good about striking a pose as Garth so she laid on the floor and covered her face when I put her party hat on. I feel like it was yesterday that we went in to Petland not intending to buy a dog AT ALL…and walked out with Sophie. Best spontaneous decision ever!


FOUR.Last week I was subbing in a kindergarten class and a little girl raised her hand. I walked over to her and she asked, “Is ‘shit’ a bad word?”. I apologize for the profanity but it was just so funny and so hard to keep a straight face when she said it. I told her it was not a nice word to say and she should not repeat it again.

FIVE.Every time Chewy sends Garth and Soph a treat I always swear it’s their favorite treat ever, but I feel like they just get more and more excited with each Chewy gift they are sent. This month Chewy sent them Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Treats and they are obsessed with them. Sweet potatoes are full of antioxidants and fiber, both of which are great for dogs. I was shocked to see that the only ingredient in these were dehydrated sweet potatoes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog treat that is only one ingredient, unless I give them a carrot or something.

I love these because they are soft so they are easy on the dogs stomach and easy for them to gobble up! They are also pretty large pieces of sweet potato which is perfect for my mini ponies :) Thank you, Chewy!



I apologize for the short Five on Friday post this week, we are prepping for our friends’ wedding this weekend and my momma is coming to my sister’s house to visit with us today!

I hope y’all have great weekends! Stay warm :)


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Five on Friday

Pajamas all day via habituallychic #Pajamas #Relax:

I hope all of y’alls weekends are filled with pajamas and donuts!!!!

ONE.About two weeks ago I decided I wanted to refinish our living room furniture which consisted of a coffee table and two end tables. This past weekend Mark and I hit up Home Depot and set to work. It was about 33° outside but I was determined so I just put on some gloves and started painting (upside was that my manicure was protected). I am waiting on the knobs to come in at Hobby Lobby but once I have them I will be doing a post on the full project.


TWO.I was so impressed with the massive difference our living room looked with out newly refinished furniture that I decided I wanted to use the leftover paint to repaint our chipped and scratched back Ikea nightstands in our room. I refused to carry those things all the way outside (Mark was at work and therefore couldn’t help) plus I didn’t want to freeze again so I just opened the windows in our bedroom, put down a sheet and painted in our room. Our bedroom looks much lighter with the creamy white colored nightstands and it was actually a pretty quick project. Not sure how long it will last, but I’ll relish in the makeover for now.


THREE.I researched fruits/vegetables that could be planted in fall and winter weather and came up with strawberries and broccoli – quite the combo. I planted them in our little garden a few months ago and we are finally seeing the first little sprouts of broccoli. I watched some YouTube videos on other people’s broccoli and ours is no where near as impressive so I’m hoping this is just the beginning. Our strawberries are seriously lacking. All I see are some leaves coming out of the soil. I guess we will see what comes of those…IMG_6815

FOUR.We have a book case unit on each side of our tv/fire mantel and I have been slowly putting little decor pieces in there trying to make it mimic something you’d see in Restoration Hardware (this has proven to be harder than I once thought). I was in an antique flea market shop the other day and found these really cool, classic novels that would fit my RH theme perfectly. I read Wuthering Heights in high school and surprising really liked it so I tried to read some of this book and couldn’t understand a darn thing (apparently the authentic version is MUCH different than the high schooler version). FullSizeRender_1

FIVE.I came across this wreath on the Laurenconrad.com Instagram and instantly fell in love. She, of course, made it with fresh, live supplies, but I want to make a dead version of it so it can live for eternity on my door. Spring project?FullSizeRender


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Refinishing Our China Cabinet Pt. 2

A few weeks ago (more than I care to admit), I told y’all about a little project Mark and I were undertaking: refinishing a china cabinet. Well, I can happily say we have finished this project and I’m ready to share the final product with you!!


I found the china cabinet on Craigslist for $230 and offered the woman selling it $180. She agreed and we took home my worst nightmare…oak furniture. I don’t know why I don’t like oak furniture, but I don’t.

We took all the drawers, mirrors, and glass panels off and rented an electric sander from Home Depot (I think it was about $15 for 7 hours) to sand down the entire thing. We had a layer of sawdust on every square inch of our garage. Lovely.

We started out trying to brush the paint on but it left brush strokes so we tried rolling it on, but that left little bumps. Our friends had just refinished their kitchen cabinets and let us borrow their sprayer which saved us a lot of time.

We used Kilz primer in white and then did about two layers of Behr Paint and Primer In One, also in white.



IMG_6044Don’t worry. Our driveway has since been power washed. Gotta love that GA clay.


After the paint had dried and we were satisfied with the paint job, we put the thing back together which proved to be rather difficult because we had tons of screws and pieces all over the place.

The original knobs had to go so I went to Hobby Lobby and found these knobs to replace them. I don’t know why they are listed as $8.99 because in the store they were only $4.99 and then were 50% off. If you ever need knobs for anything, go to Hobby Lobby, they have a ridiculous selection to choose from and more often than not they are 50% off.



I am so pleased with the outcome of this project but it definitely took a lot of blood, sweat, and profanities to get there. Mark and I have decided we are more the “Save and Buy” than “DIY” kind of people. But it sure feels good to have seen this project unfold and come together in the end.

Now we just have to work on the rest of the dining room….