Peyton’s Birth Story

Peyton_Photo 1

Sweet little Peyton made her grand entrance into the world on July 17, 2017. It was a whirlwind birth and not at all what was planned, but I would expect nothing less from Peyton. The girl likes to keep us on our toes. I’m going to do my best to share the details of the day she was born, but it was all such a blur and I was heavily medicated for a large portion of it, so bear with me.


Okay, here goes it…


When I was around 36 weeks pregnant, it was discovered that our sweet girl was breech. I attempted to get her to turn naturally by all means possible. This resulted in laying upside down on an inclined ironing board on the couch, doing handstands in the pool (yes I am aware of how ridiculous this must have looked to onlookers), rocking back and forth on all fours, and putting frozen peas on my belly where Peyton’s head was, but none of it worked. We even tried an External Cephalic Version (ECV) at 37 weeks where they tried to turn her manually (um, ouch!) but, of course, Peyton said “no thanks, I’m really comfy right where I am” and refused to budge – major bummer!


Because Peyton wouldn’t flip head down we had to schedule a c-section for 39 weeks. I was really disappointed at first, I’m not going to lie, but I was willing to do whatever needed to be done to get Peyton here safely…so bring on the c-section!


I was going to be 39 weeks on Tuesday, July 18, so we set up the c-section for noon that day…but Peyton had other plans and decided to arrive about 12 hours early…


On the morning of July 17, I woke up and burst into tears that it was my last full day with Peyton in my belly. I wrote in the journal I had been keeping for her throughout my pregnancy that while I was sad she wouldn’t be in my belly come 24 hours, we were so excited to finally get to meet her.


We had a vet appointment that morning and in the car I got a weird back spasm that I had never felt before. It lasted a couple seconds and I turned to Mark and told him I may have just had a contraction but it might have just been another weird pregnancy thing. Around 1PM we headed up to the church to have a friend notarize something for us (nothing like some last minute nesting!). While we were there I half-jokingly told the girls at the church I felt like Peyton was going to come early because ya know…why not make things a little more interesting?
When we got home from the church we started watching a movie with my parents and I noticed my belly was doing strange things. I thought maybe Peyton was just pushing her whole body against my belly because she was so big at that point but then it started happening in a pattern and we realized it was more likely Braxton Hicks (I had not felt a single Braxton Hicks or painful contraction up to this point even though at the ECV they monitored me and told me I was having contractions every 2 minutes – I never felt them).


Around 5PM the Braxton Hicks started to hurt and I noticed the pain moved to my back. I told Mark I thought it was back labor and we should probably call the doctor on call at the hospital to see what we should do. The doctor told me to drink 3 cups of water and sit in the bath and if they didn’t go away in 10 minutes it was probably real contractions and we should come to the hospital to get checked out. After drinking the water and sitting the in the tub for a while the contractions only intensified and became more frequent so we decided to head to the hospital. Everyone was running around getting their things together but I was so anxious I just went out on the back porch with the dogs and pet them and cried (I had a gut feeling we wouldn’t be returning home without a baby and this would be the last time it was just me and my fur babies).


We got to the hospital around 10PM and they checked me into a pre-op room. A nurse checked my dilation and said I was only 1cm dilated but I was in active labor and my water was close to breaking. She said she would check with the doctor and see if he still wanted to wait until noon the next day for the c-section or possibly get me in some time in between now and then. The nurse came back in and said “the doctor has a really full schedule so we are going to do the surgery at 11:45PM.” I think my jaw fell on the floor. It was only about 30 minutes until 11:45 at that point. Everything was super rushed from there. Nurses flooded in hooking me up to all kinds of stuff, the anesthesiologist came in to do my epidural (again, ouch!), Mark was suiting up in his scrubs…it was madness. My parents came back to wish us luck and see us off and then I was wheeled into the OR.


Mark had to stay outside while they got me onto the operating table and the divider sheet up (thank goodness for that sheet) but he came into the room about 10 minutes later. While I was laying there waiting for Mark to come in I closed my eyes and said a prayer. I remember a nurse asking me if I was okay and I think I said something along the lines of, “I’m trying to pray but I’m so nervous I can’t concentrate.” Once Mark was in the room, they started the surgery. They told me I would feel all kinds of pulling and tugging and pressure, but holy cannoli was there a TON of pulling and tugging and pressure. Mark watched the entire surgery (how he did that I’ll never know…I’d puke!) and told me later that it was super intense to watch. I asked Mark to turn on some Jeremy Camp music to distract me. It wasn’t much longer after the surgery started I heard the doctor say he had all of Peyton out but her head was stuck in my ribs (not surprising considering how much she refused to turn from the breech position). It took a whole lot of pulling and the mention of forceps (eek!) but she eventually popped out! They held her up over the sheet for us to see and I literally burst into hysterics. I was so scared all of my shaking from crying would make the doctor cut my body in half magician-style, but thankfully I remained intact. It was so incredibly surreal to finally see the baby I had waited and prayed so long for. She was everything.


They cleaned Peyton up and brought her over for us to see. She was so beautiful and her little cry was so soft and sweet. All I could say through my tears was “Hi baby” over and over again (I blame the anxiety meds for my lack of verbal skills). Mark and Peyton were brought to the recovery room for her to be weighed and measured while I was stitched and cleaned up and then I was able to join them. Peyton was born at 11:53PM (7 minutes before midnight) on 7/17/17 weighing 7lb 1oz and 19 ¼ in long. We joke that 7 is Peyton’s favorite number!


The day Peyton was born was hands down the best day of my entire life. There are no words that can describe the moment you meet your baby. To know that God chose me to be the mother of this beautiful baby girl. It’s just unbelievable.


We are so incredibly blessed to have Peyton in our lives. She is such a sweet and happy baby. She has the cutest little personality and we can’t wait to watch her grow over the years. She is certainly a blessing!