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Wahoo, it’s Friday!!

It has been a HOT PINK second since I have joined in on the fun that is Five on Friday, and I’ve missed it! I feel like the Five On Friday posts allow me to tell y’all all the random tid bits going on in my life and, to me, those are the most fun to read.

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us and I can’t wait to share the adventure with all of you. One of our couple friends and us (is that English? I don’t think so, but it’s the easiest to write.) are headed to Charleston for the weekend and I am so excited. None of us have ever been before, but we rented an Airbnb house close to downtown Charleston and we are just going to wing the rest of the trip. We’ve done some research and have a few ideas in mind, but we are just going to explore and see where we end up.

I’m going to try my best to take a lot of pictures but I am terrible at remembering to take pictures because I just get so caught up in the moment. But I’m going to be better this trip, or at least I’ll try.


If you have a pulse, I’m sure you are aware of the trend that is essential oils. I only have one essential oil from Publix that is a relaxation one and it smells really good, but I wanted to get a few more but didn’t want to spend our life savings.

I did some research and ended up on Eden’s Garden. I feel like so many people are obsessed with DoTerra and Young Living, but 100% pure aromatherapy oils is 100% pure no matter what price tag you slap on it. If I was planning to ingest the oil, I may consider getting the biggest, baddest oil out there, but eating them kind of weirds me out so Eden’s Garden works perfectly for me.

I ordered the 12 Synergy Blend Set from Amazon for $49.95. I only got them about five days ago and have been obsessed with them. I want to do a more in depth post on them, but want to try them out for a bit longer before I write my review. But so far, so good.

12 Synergy Blends Set

TWO.We have roses!!!

We have a couple of rose bushes in our backyard and they just started blooming again after a long, cold winter. Mark picked a few for me the other day, so I put them out for display on our counter. The fun ended when we picked me a few more a couple days later that had bugs all over them :( Either way, they are still pretty!!


IMG_0332 Sophie being a model by the roses.

THREE.We hosted our “Just Married” church small group at our house the other day and we grilled burgers and just hung out. It is so nice to be around people in the same stage of life as us who have similar beliefs. We really enjoy our small group and it really helps to make our huge church feel a little smaller.

Someone mentioned this fun game called “Fibbage” they had played, so we downloaded it on our XBOX so we could all play. Everyone signs in on their own mobile device and uses that as their way to answer the questions (you go to to login with the code they give you).

Basically you fill in the blanks of a question with what you think is the answer and everyone else has to choose from everyone’s answers. If your answer gets chosen, you are awarded points and if you guess the right answer, you are awarded points.

I was literally crying from laughter at some of our group’s answers. It is definitely a game we will play whenever we have friends over. If you have an XBOX I would suggest downloading it.

FOUR.Chewy sent Garth and Soph some Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Treats last month and they are loving them. They are grain free, gluten free and are packed with protein.  Sophie has been a little pickier than normal when it comes to treats, she will pick them up and then spit them out about ten times before she actually eats them, but she gobbles these treats right up! They are Sophie Approved. Thank you, Chewy!


FIVE.I was mopping the other day and I straight up snapped the handle of our Swiffer. The sad part is that this isn’t an isolated event. I have done this before. Apparently, I am a very aggressive mopper.



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Five On Friday


The first being “food”, of course.


This weekend is gonna be an extra special weekend because Momma Sutton is in town!!! She gets in this morning and I can’t wait! We don’t have anything planned, but I know we will have a great time and find lots to do :)

I hope y’all have great weekends, whatever you do!

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Mark and I were in serious need of some dining room furniture. Our dining room currently consists of a hand me down table, one chair, a dog kennel/beds, and that darn china cabinet that took five months for us to refinish. Not exactly the makings for a functional dining room.

After searching online for a new dining table, I thought I had found one that I loved and we decided the other weekend to go to Haverty’s and look at it in person. Well, of course, I fell in love with it and we ordered it because it was on sale (a very little sale) for President’s Day. We decided not to order the chairs that go with it in hopes of finding some on Wayfair or Overstock that are half the price. I think I have found a few, but I want to wait until we have the table delivered to try and make sure the wood of the legs will match the table.

The only down side to all of this is that the china cabinet will clash with the new furniture so I fear we may have to sell this thing. Anyone want a china cabinet?

We also ordered a rug from Overstock that arrived earlier this week. We have no rug in the dining room right now and it drives me bonkers. That room has sort of become our “junk room” which is a terrible place for it because it is right when you walk into our home.

Hopefully, we will slowly but surely have a functional dining room before too long.

Safavieh Vintage Cream Rug (9' x 12')


Chewy has once again out done themselves and sent Garth and Sophie some delicious treats!

The month of February is doggy dental care month, so Chewy sent the fur babes some Zuke’s Z-Bones (Clean Carrot Crisp) which help to polish the teeth, freshen breath, and maintain healthy gums. We always try to have some kind of “tooth healthy” treat in the house for our dogs and both of them actually have fairly clean teeth because of this (unless they just have naturally awesome tooth genes). It is so important to me for our dogs to have healthy teeth/gums because the thought of having to put them under multiple times to have their teeth cleaned scares me. We haven’t had to have them cleaned yet and they are both about 5 years old, thank goodness.

And a bonus…the Zuke’s Z-Bones are on sale now for $10.92 on the Chewy site (free shipping on orders more than $49). They also come in Apple and Berry flavors.

GarthGarth’s face makes me laugh so hard!! Showing off those pearly whites!


I made a bee-line (just had to google if it was “b-line” or “bee-line” – the things you learn writing a blog…) for Bath & Body Works the other day when I saw their 3-wick candles were on sale for $12.50. If you are a die hard B&BW fan, you would know this isn’t as good as it gets since they can get as low as $8 per candle, but you also know this is better than the typical $22.50, so I had to pop in and browse around.

They also had out their spring/summer line and they pretty much all smelled amazing. I think my favorites were the Watermelon Lemonade, Bergamot Waters, Georgia Peach, Endless Weekend and Turquoise Waters. Who am I kidding…they were all my favorites. But I had a gift card from Mark that was part of his wedding gift to me (yes, I know it’s been a year) and it was about time I used it. I told myself I was allowed to buy two candles and then I was cut off.

I decided on Georgia Peach because the old B&BW scent “Peach Bellini” reminds me of when we first moved into our house because I sprayed that room spray constantly the first week we lived here so I had to buy the peach candle for reminiscing’s sake.

Then I was torn between Endless Weekend and Bergamot Waters because they both smelled so good, but then I realized that they smelled pretty much the same so I went with Bergamot Waters because the jar was prettier (good job B&BW marketing team!).

Bergamot Waters smelled super familiar to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. A few minutes later I realized it smells exactly like Dolce and Gabana “Light Blue’ perfume, which I used to spray on me all the time at Ulta on my lunch break from work because I couldn’t afford to buy it! As I was walking to the register, one of the lady’s who works at B&BW said, “Oh, I love Bergamot Waters. It smells exactly like “Light Blue” from Dolce and Gabana”. So my ability to detect scents was confirmed.

Bergamot Waters Candle


On Valentine’s Day weekend, Mark and I woke up on Saturday morning and wished each other a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. We then asked each other how we wanted to spend the morning and Mark said he would go to Starbucks and get us coffee if I made pancakes. He had a deal.

I attempted to make him a heart shaped pancake, which turned out totally lopsided but tasted great nonetheless. We opened my mom’s Valentine’s Day card to us and enjoyed our morning. About two hours into the morning, something made us realize that Valentine’s Day was the next day and we had celebrated a day early. We were laughing so hard. I don’t know how we didn’t know what day it was but we got to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice!



I was in Williams Sonoma the other day and saw their super cute Le Creuset cookware. They had the cutest light pink ones and I had to send a picture of them to my friend who is obsessed with her dutch oven. She uses hers all the time but I never think to use mine for some reason. I have a white one from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s which is about 1/3 the price of Le Creuset and works the exact same. I think I’ve only used it like 3 times and my neighbor has borrowed it for a chili-cook off at work, so that poor thing needs some more use. Pinterest recipes…here I come!!



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Five on Friday

Love this "Bring on the Weekend" printable inspired by Rifle Paper Co.:


Hooray for Friday!!

I think we have a pretty good weekend ahead of us. I am going to visit with my hospice patients today, tomorrow we have plans to play Whirly Ball with a group of our friends, and Sunday is church and the Super Bowl (which I only watch for the commercials).

We also have quite a few housekeeping things to do around here – like finish putting the glass panels on our china cabinet…which was supposed to be done 5 months ago. But that’s what the weekend is for, right? Catching up on all kinds of things – housework, tv shows, sleep.

I hope y’all have fantastic weekends whatever you do!

ONE.While we were in Florida the other week for our friends’ wedding the most gorgeous sunset happened while we were at the rehearsal dinner which just happened to be at a restaurant on a lake. So of course we all ran out and took pictures. I’m just impressed we color coordinated with the sky.


I also painted my dog nephews face with hair chalk whilst in FL. My sister ordered this hair chalk stuff for a music festival she is going to and my mom and I were left at her house while she was at work one day, so of course I couldn’t resist coloring little Ryder’s face. How cute is he?!

I also did my mom’s hair which turned out pretty good too, if I do say so myself. What a good momma to let me color her hair like a rainbow :)



After the rehearsal dinner in FL my heels had rubbed a terrible blister on the side of my foot, right under my big toe. I had to wear the same shoes for the wedding so I asked my sister as we were running out the door for a bandaid.

Once I got to the wedding venue, I went to the bathroom and pulled out one of the bandaids…it had Princess Jasmines face on it. Was she for real? The blister was in just the right place that the bandaid was definitely in plain view for all to see. I tossed it in the trash and tried to suck it up. That only lasted for about an hour so I ran back to the bathroom and pulled out the other bandaid. This one had Cinderella on it. I determined the pain far outweighed the embarrassment of having a princess bandaid on your foot so I wore it around all night. And it did NOT go unnoticed. At least three people mentioned that bandaid throughout the night.

To my sister’s defense, I have a pack of Princess and Barbie bandaids at my house, I just don’t wear them to weddings.

IMG_1I do realize this is not the most attractive picture of my foot…

FOUR.Last night I watched The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story and I am really excited to watch the other episodes. I was too young to remember anything about the case when it happened, but I was obsessed with the Casey Anthony case when it was going on and watched almost everyday of the trial while I was a student at UCF (this also all took place about 15 minutes from where I lived so I thought that was pretty cool).

I have always been really into crime and solving things even though once I’m finished watching them I’m thoroughly creeped out and afraid to sleep.

Speaking of crimes…Mark came home early from work yesterday to surprise me. I was working out upstairs when I thought I heard the chime from our security system that goes off anytime a door is opened. I obviously wasn’t expecting Mark, so I ran into our bedroom and turned on the alarm (ya know, to trap myself INSIDE my house WITH the robber. Clearly, I don’t think so well under extreme duress). I heard the gate to our stairs open, we use this to keep the doggies downstairs – cuts back on vacuuming upstairs, and then Mark’s voice said something but I didn’t hear what he said because I screamed so loudly and fell to the floor and started crying. Mark had no clue what was wrong with me and he said, “Oh, I’m sorry I wanted to surprise you”.

I was later reprimanded for not following through with our survival plan in which I am supposed to lock myself in my closet if someone ever comes into our house. My reaction was a far cry from what was supposed to happen. Whoops. I think I need some self defense classes…


I just ordered the book “Untethered Soul” and am really excited to start reading it. It’s one of those books you would probably find in the “self help” aisle at Barnes and Noble. I’ve heard great things about it and love books that give you a new perspective and a fresh way of thinking. Sometimes I get stuck in a certain mindset and I need a push to get outside my own head. I’ll let y’all know what I think once I’m finished reading it!


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