Booties of Fall

Bootie bootie bootie bootie rockin’ everywhereeeee…..

Just kidding. But today we are talking all about da bootie. I know it’s a teensy bit early to be bringing up fall attire, but this just gives us time to find the perfect pair and order them before the first chill of fall comes. Amiright, ladies?

I only have one pair of booties and they are the standard black bootie with a small chunky heel on them and gold side zipper (side note: I hate the word “chunky”, even when it refers to a heel). I love those booties to death and rock them all fall and winter long. I think having one pair of booties (at least) is a staple in every woman’s closet. I’ve been hunting for tan booties, sans heel, that I can wear whilst doing my daily things. During my search for said booties, I came across a few that I thought were really cute and wanted to share with y’all.

Booties of Fall

Gray Bootievia

When I said “standard” bootie above, this is what I meant. This is about as basic of a bootie as you can get and I think they are adorable. If you want to play it safe, I say this is your shoe. This is what my booties look like but mine are totally black and the zipper is gold. I love this bootie in the gray – they would pretty much go with any outfit you have.

JS Bootievia

I love these booties so much. The skinny heel makes it feel a little more “dressy” than the other booties and the fold over on the ankle is my favorite part. They are a little more expensive than the other booties I found, but they are still a decent price for a pair of good shoes and if you are in the mood to treat yourself.

TOM's Bootiesvia

These TOM’s booties are so cute and are probably crazy comfortable since they are TOM’s. I’m torn between this gray color and the natural tan color. I feel like these might be the bootie I end up with if I don’t see any others that catch my eye. I wanted a little more of a true tan/brown color, but these are exactly what I have been looking for as far as style.

Warm Bootiesvia

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a post before and booties very similar to these were featured. I apparently really need a pair because when I saw them again I fell right back in love. These are definitely a little more outdoorsy looking but I still think they are really cute for fall and I live in Georgia so it’s totally acceptable to be wearing fairly outdoorsy boots, right?


I have a really hard time buying myself things (like to the point where Mark will force me to buy something for myself). I love to window shop and I love to tell myself I will buy an article of clothing, shoes, jewelry… but I never do. When it comes to Mark though, I’m like “Oh, you like that? Let’s get it…” I don’t know where this stems from but I mean it when I say I really need (yes, “need”. Not “want”.) some boots for the colder weather and I WILL get some darnit!

Spring 2015 Trends

In 9 days it will officially be spring!! Can I get an “Amen!!”?

Pantone has recently released the colors of spring 2015 and I love just about all of them! With the exception of about four colors, the colors are very soft and much cooler this season.

Pantone Spring 2015

I am a big fan of black, white and gray, so I was pleased to see two shades of gray in the mix (better than 50 shades, if you ask me). I also love the Lavender Herb and Lucite Green. They just scream spring to me.

I’ve been on the hunt for some spring fashion trends and I am really feelin’ most of them.



Trapeze Dress_Nordstrom

I absolutely love these flowy dresses! They are perfect to dress down for the daytime and dress up for a GNO!


Image 1 of Vila Striped T-Shirt Dress With Patch Pocket

Image 1 of Vila Shirt Dress With Pocket Detail

Women‘s Easy Waist Tee Shirt Dress Merona®

I love the idea of these t-shirt dresses, but it can go from trendy to Risky Business real quick if you aren’t careful. Just make sure your t-shirt dress is the length of a dress and it doesn’t look like you’re going sans pants for the day!


Gingham is basically a variation of plaid. It kind of reminds me of the picnic table pattern and it just looks like summer. I love both of these dresses and they are both super affordable prices.


Good news for me – black and white is IN this spring/summer, especially in grid and line patterns. Unfortunately, most of my black and white clothes are solid or jail stripes, but I will definitely be on the lookout for the grid patterns. It is so edgy but fun at the same time!


I am normally sad to see winter leave, but I am more than ready to bid it adieu and welcome the warmer months. I can’t wait to see the sun again!!

NYE Dresses

I’m not going to lie, the stress of the holidays, packing to leave for a month, getting my house cleaned to leave for a month, and preparing for a wedding that is happening next month is quickly becoming a touch overwhelming for this girl.

The thoughts that continuously go through my head are endless and it is making me mentally and physically so exhausted. Is it okay if I just curl up in my bed for the next month and a half and just eat cookies? No? Okay.

Here is a little preview of what it currently looks like inside my head:

I can’t believe Christmas is next week.

I can’t forget to pack everyone’s gifts in the car to bring with us to FL.

Did I even get gifts for everyone? I hope so…

What if someone doesn’t like their gift?

I hate opening gifts in front of people…

Make sure you bring everything you need for Taylor’s bridal shower.

What if I leave my wedding dress in GA? What would I wear to my wedding?

What will I do if I don’t fit in my wedding dress?

Must join gym in FL.

What if they don’t let Mark and I get our marriage certificate for some crazy reason?

What if Garth thinks I abandoned him in GA and am never coming back for him?

Don’t forget to pack heart worm medicine to give to Sophie while we are gone.

What if I’m deathly ill on my wedding day? Will people laugh if I pass out? Probably. I would…

What if I can’t sleep the night before my wedding and have to have Mark sleep with me. Will our marriage be jinxed forever?

How am I going to pack so quickly before our honeymoon?

Where the heck is Mark taking me for our honeymoon?

Will I have to drink bottled water?

Please someone tell me I am not the only bride to do this? I am hoping that once I am down in FL and with my family I will relax a little, but that’s not really the type of person I am. Sadly. I am a stresser, and I’m good at it. But at the end of it all, come January 24th, I will be married and that’s what counts.

Posts may be a little more scarce than usual, but once all the marriage mayhem is over, posts will be back on schedule. I have already recruited my sister to take over for a week or so while I am away on my honeymoon. Y’all will love her.


Before we get into the weekend and I disappear again for a couple days, I wanted to talk NYE ’14. I love love love all the pretty sparkly dresses that come around this time of year, but I very rarely do anything for NYE so I don’t typically get to wear them. But for all you party animals, there are some beautiful styles to rock this NYE.

To me, it’s really only appropriate to look like a disco ball on NYE (and your 21st birthday), so I say go all out and shine! Here are some of my favorite finds…

LULUS Exclusive Livin' the Gleam Gold Sequin Dress at!

You can never go wrong with a classic solid sequin dress. These first two dresses are perfect for NYE. reminds me of a sexy Gatsby dress.

This red dress is a little more Christmasy, but you will definitely stand out in a NYE crowd filled with gold, black and silver. You could also opt for a blue, pink or purple sequin dress to be a standout in the crowd.

What I love about this dress is that it is a little more on the modest side. So if you have a company NYE party or family party, you will still be a knockout but you won’t be the one being whispered about (youknowwhatimtalkinabout). am obsessed with scalloped everything right now.


There are so many cute, glitzy dresses out there right now it’s hard to pick just one. And if you aren’t a dress kinda gal, you can also opt for a chic jumper or even a sequin crop top and high waisted skirt. And if you aren’t into wearing a glitz-and-glam dress, you can always keep the sparkle small and go with a sequin/glitter clutch or heel.

Until next time! xx