Tree Hut Products

TREE HUTHappy Tuesday, y’all!!

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, but the Tree Hut products are just so good they are worth the mention.

I haven’t been to Ulta in a long time. A girl can only have so much makeup (you know it’s true), which explains the lack of beauty posts on BTB. I haven’t really purchased anything new, in fact, I’ve been trying to use up what I do have before I get anything else.

I’ve used Tree Hut products before, but it’s been at least a year since I last ran out of the goodies I bought from them. When I was in Ulta the other day I stopped by the aisle that houses their products just to take a look and of course I walked away with stuff.

They have amazing sugar scrubs and body butters so I sat there and smelled every scent (two times each) before choosing which one I wanted. I’m pretty sure they have new scents, either that or my Ulta just never carried these scents before. I ultimately decided on the Lychee & Plum Sugar Scrub and the Moroccan Rose Shea Body Butter. The Lychee & Plum scent is definitely my favorite and I almost got that scent in the body butter also, but the Moroccan Rose had argan oil in it which is really good for your skin so I chose that one. That was my second favorite scent though so it didn’t really matter anyway.

I love to use the scrub in the shower before I shave and then apply the body butter after I get out and my skin is so smooth it is ridiculous. The body butter is non-greasy which is really nice because I can’t stand feeling like a greased chicken throughout the day, or worse, getting into your bed at night and sticking to the sheets – yuck!

Both of these products were only $7.69 and Ulta almost always has a $3.50 off $15 coupon available on their website that you can use.

So if you are looking to be extra super smooth in summer, these products are worth a try. They are so affordable, last a long time, and smell incredibly good!

*Coupon below is only valid through 5/28/2016.

ULTA Store Coupon

NYX Lips

NYX Lips

My friend got me two of the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick products for my birthday a few months ago and I promised y’all I would share them with you.

She got me two of the shades I had written about – Cherry Skies and Soft Spoken. They are both such pretty colors, I actually ended up wearing Cherry Skies to her wedding :)

Then of course, I ended up in Ulta a few weeks ago and walked out with their new Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Embellishment. I was going back and forth between getting Honeymoon or Embellishment, but Honeymoon looked too brown for me, so Embellishment won that battle. All of the shades in the Lingerie collection are beautiful! They are pretty much different variations of nudes with some being more brown and some more pink so you can really find the perfect shade for you…or a couple.




Cherry Skies is a deep red and is perfect for when you a bold lip. I wore this to my friends’ wedding with a black dress and did a simple eye look so I didn’t look crazy with a ton of eye makeup and a bright lip color.


Embellishment Swatch

I have been on the hunt for the perfect mauve nude and this was it! Surprisingly, Mark said this is his favorite lip color on me (besides nothing because he hates lipstick). It’s a little darker than what it looks like in the tube, so just be aware of that. This is also a very matte lip product so I suggest putting on chapstick before AND after applying it if you want to be able to smile.


SOFT SPOKENSoft Spoken Swatch

Can you tell I like nude lip products? I have about seven of them in my makeup case. Most would say they all look the same, but I promise you they are each uniquely their own :) Soft Spoken is a little more brown in color and is perfect for all seasons and all times of the day, so if you need something you can pretty much wear 24/7…this is it.


NYX products can be found in Target, Ulta and CVS. I haven’t seen these specific lip products in Target and I’m not sure about CVS, but they are definitely at Ulta. I love NYX because they are high quality but really affordable. Both of these collections’ products are $6.99 at Ulta and they almost always have a $3.50 off $10 coupon on the Ulta website that you can print off or pull up on your phone when you check out.

*This is not sponsored by NYX, I simply love their products!

25 Beauty Hacks

25 Beauty HacksI always love reading about different beauty hacks or ways to kind of “cheat” the beauty system. There are a ton of them out there if you search online, but I wanted to share my favorite beauty hacks with y’all and some that I haven’t tried yet, but definitely need to! These can save you a lot of time and money.


1. If you find yourself in a prickly bind and don’t have any shaving cream, don’t fret! Conditioner is a great substitute for shaving cream and leaves the legs feeling moisturized.

2. You can turn any lip product matte by simply applying a tissue over your mouth after applying the lip product and tapping translucent powder over the tissue.

3. Dry your wet nails in no time by sticking them in a bowl of ice cold water after painting.

4. Pluck your eyebrows in natural lighting. This one is so true! You can see so many more pesky hairs if you pluck your eyebrows by a window or in your car. #shamelessplucking

5. If you run out of dry shampoo, use corn starch. And if you have darker hair, you can add cocoa powder so it doesn’t leave a white cast and smells great too!

6. Baking soda is an amazing product in the beauty world. Mix it in a bowl with hydrogen peroxide to lighten yellowed nails, create a paste with water and leave on your face for 5-10 minutes for a mask, or make a paste with water and brush your teeth as a whitening agent!

7. I’ve told y’all this a thousand times but coconut oil as a hair mask is a must. Just melt a scoop in the microwave and apply to hair. You can leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight. Whatever your time permits. Coconut oil is also great as an eye makeup remover.

8. If you tend to get a little shiny through out the day, but don’t have any blotting papers on hand, check the nearest bathroom for toilet set covers. These work great as blotting papers…maybe just don’t let anyone see you doing this.

9. If you like crisp cut eyeshadow, use a piece of tape diagonally with your lower lash line before applying eyeshadow. Then simply remove when you’re done. This works great if you are using dark shadows that can get a little messy.

10. If you run out of eyeliner, use mascara!! I’ve done this a number of times and you can’t tell a difference.

11. Apply under eye concealer in the shape of an upside down triangle, not an upside down half moon. This makes you look more awake and looks more natural.

12. To make your lashes extra voluminous, heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for 10 seconds and then curl. Warning: make sure it is only warm to the touch, you don’t want to burn yourself.

13. If you smudge mascara all over your eyelid (guilty), just wait for it to dry while you do the rest of your makeup. Then go back in with a q-tip and gently wipe it off. It flakes right off!

14. To create a dewy, glowy look, add moisturizer, liquid highlighter or a serum to your foundation. Oily girls, I don’t recommend you do this.

15. Rub vaseline all over feet and then put on socks. Sleep in them over night to relieve dry feet! This one is so hard to do because I can’t stand sleeping in socks!

16. If you find your mascara has all dried up, put a few drops of saline solution in it.

17. Use wet tea bags to instantly de-puff your eyes.

18. To prevent blisters, rub clear deodorant on your feet where your shoes rub to stop friction. I wish I had known this a few weeks ago! Definitely would have come in handy when I was wearing heels.

19. Use apple cider vinegar as a toner. I use this every day, twice a day before I moisturize. Doesn’t smell great, but it doesn’t last long and is great for evening out your skin tone.

20. Use white or nude eyeliner on the water line of your lower lashes to make your eyes pop and look more awake.

21. Spray hairspray on bobby pins to make them extra secure in your hair. I hate when bobby pins start to poke out halfway through the day!

22. To decrease clumping when applying mascara, swipe the wand across a strip of toilet paper before applying to lashes.

23. Put a dab of honey on any pimples that pop up and cover with a bandaid to bed. Honey is a great anti-inflammatory and works wonders on unwelcome face guests.

24. Use a dryer sheet to get rid of deodorant stains or rub over hair to get rid of static. (This is also supposed to help dogs with anxiety. When they start to panic, rub a dryer sheet on them. They say the static in their fur causes them to freak out. I will say this didn’t work on Sophie, but it’s worth a try #doghacks).

25. Head & Shoulders is not only great for dandruff, but for getting rid of acne on your face, chest and back due to the pyrithione zinc in it.


If y’all know any beauty hacks that I haven’t listed, please share! I love cutting corners in beauty :)